What Are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat in Michigan?

If you’re looking to have greater control over the comfort of your Michigan home, you may want to consider installing a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that connects to your WiFi and can be monitored remotely from your smartphone. They have many useful features and can offer you a host of benefits, including:

  • Monthly energy bill savings
  • Remote access
  • Real-time service reminders
  • Reports on your energy usage

If you need more proof that a smart thermostat is worth it, keep reading to learn about these benefits in detail.

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Monthly Energy Bill Savings

Smart thermostats come equipped with learning features. It can conserve energy and know how long it takes a room to get to your desired temperature, meaning that it can optimize your energy consumption. Over time, they can learn from your household’s movement patterns when the house needs to be cooled or heated and set a schedule that will save the most energy.

They can sense when you’re home and when you’re away, either through third-party app integrations or “geofencing” capabilities. With geofencing, your thermostat communicates with your smartphone and will adjust temperature settings once you cross a predetermined electronic boundary.

Remote Access

One of the most significant benefits of a smart thermostat is that you can remotely control your home’s temperature. So, whether you’re across the street or the country, you will have total control over the temperature in your home. That means Real-Time Service Reminders. The days of accidentally heating or cooling an empty house will be behind you. As long as you have a smartphone with a cellular connection, you can adjust your thermostat to your preferred settings.

This benefit is especially helpful when you’re away on vacation. Unfortunately, some of the worst home disasters occur when homeowners are out of town, such as your heating system dying in the middle of winter, causing your pipes to freeze. When you can monitor your home remotely, you can take action immediately if something goes wrong, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in damage or repairs.

Real-Time Service Reminders

Annual HVAC maintenance is essential to prolonging the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems and ensuring your systems are operating safely, efficiently and keeping you and your family comfortable.

If you’re not sure of the last time you had HVAC maintenance, you’re not alone– many homeowners forget to schedule it. But with a smart thermostat, you can receive automatic reminders alerting you of any needed maintenance or repairs.

In addition, you can program many of today’s smart thermostats to send you regular updates or alerts about your home’s indoor air quality.

Reports on Your Energy Usage

Most smart thermostats will send you an energy summary that contains data regarding the number of cooling and heating hours you’ve used this month and how they compare to last month.

Most reports also tell you how you’ve saved energy, such as:

  • Better scheduling
  • Good thermostat settings
  • Good weather

If you use more energy than normal in a month, the thermostat will provide a report that shows you where those increases came from.

Most reports can be viewed remotely from your smart thermostat app on your smartphone, so you can always see how your HVAC system is performing in terms of energy efficiency and how much energy you’ve saved.

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