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Water Heater Repair Farmington Hills, MI

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Cost of a Water Heater Repair in Michigan

  • Low: $1,500
  • Average: $4,400
  • High: $7,000
  • Low: $200
  • Average: $800
  • High: $4,000

Why such a wide price range?

Water heater installations are affected by several price factors, including:

  • The type of water heater:

    Tank water heaters have fewer parts and are generally easier to repair (and less expensive to repair) than tankless water heaters.
  • Warranties:

    A valid warranty will limit how much a homeowner has to pay to replace parts. If a warranty is expired, the cost of a repair can increase significantly.
  • The contractor:

    Contractors have different service rates based on years in business, skill level and other factors.


Your Water Heater Repair in 4 Easy Steps

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    1. Schedule an appointment

    Start the repair process by calling us at (248) 644-7810 or scheduling your repair online. A water heater specialist will be assigned to your case ASAP. If you have one of our popular Michigan-made Bradford White water heaters, make sure to let us know!

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    2. Get appointment notifications by text

    We'll call you the day before to remind you about the appointment. On the day of the appointment, your tech will send you a text with their name, a picture and past reviews.

  3. Wrench Icon

    3. Enjoy peace of mind during the repair

    Your plumber will arrive right on time, greet you at your door, and ask politely to see your water heater. From there, the plumber will share their findings, review pricing with you and answer any questions you have during the repair.

  4. Clipboard Icon

    4. Take our brief survey

    After we've left, you'll receive a text message or email with a brief survey. If your water heater repair went well, that's great! If not, let us know what went wrong so we can make it right.


Celebrating 80+ years of service in the great state of Michigan

"He even brought our garbage can in after the truck went by..."

Our water heater went out sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. I submitted an appointment request online Wednesday night, and was called at 7am Thursday. Problem was fixed by 1pm that day. Very thorough and professional. Helped us get the part under warranty. Will use again in the future. Todd even brought our garbage can in after the truck went by.

-Meagan G.

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Real Guarantees You Won't Find Anywhere Else

We have 14 Real Guarantees here at Thornton & Grooms. And we honor all of them each and every day.

Real Guarantees

Guarantees we honor for every water heater repair:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you aren't satisfied for any reason, we'll work with you until the situation is resolved and you're happy with the results.

  • Cleaner Than Before Guarantee

    If we don’t clean up after ourselves to your expectations, we'll pay you $100 for your inconvenience.

  • No Surprises, No Compromises Guarantee

    If we miss something and failed to communicate it prior to our agreement, we'll correct the issue at no additional cost.

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