Smart Thermostat Installations in Farmington Hills, MI

Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money

Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money

Looking to lower your heating and cooling bills? Install a smart thermostat to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. For a complimentary, upfront estimate on the best smart thermostat for your Michigan home, contact our friendly and respectful HVAC technicians today.


Cost of a Smart Thermostat in Michigan

    • Low: $500
    • Average: $800
    • High: $1,000

    Why such a wide price range?

    Smart thermostat installations are affected by several price factors, including:

    • Brand & model:

      Certain brands are more expensive than others (Honeywell, ecobee), and each brand usually offers a few different models varying in price depending on the features they offer.
    • Add-on features:

      Added technological features like automated lighting, voice control, or GPS sensors to track the number of occupants in a room (and adjust the temperature accordingly) will add to your costs.
    • DIY versus professional installation:

      Although it may appear easy to install a smart home thermostat yourself, hiring a licensed electrician helps you ensure the wiring is safely and correctly installed. A professional installation will add to your costs.


    Your Smart Thermostat Installation in 4 Easy Steps:

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      1. Schedule an appointment.

      To get a complimentary quote for how much a smart home thermostat installation will cost, give us a call at (248) 644-7810 or schedule a quote online. One of our friendly comfort specialists will schedule an estimate that works with your schedule.

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      2. Choose your smart thermostat.

      During your complimentary in-home estimate, one of our expert HVAC technicians will answer all of your questions and then provide you with various smart thermostat options and their upfront installation prices.

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      3. Enjoy peace of mind during the installation.

      Before your installation, you'll receive a reminder via text that your technician is on the way. We value your time, so all of our technicians arrive on time and with the tools and equipment needed to get to work immediately.

      Once we finish your thermostat installation, we will:

      • Thoroughly clean up our workspaces
      • Walk you through the job with our installation checklist
      • Show you how to use your new thermostat
    4. Clipboard Icon

      4. Take our brief survey.

      After we've finished, you'll receive a text message or email with a short survey. To ensure complete satisfaction, we want to know how we performed and whether we've met your expectations. In the event something went amiss, we promise to make it right.


    When you install a smart thermostat, you'll enjoy:
    1. Energy savings. With smart temperature control settings, you'll save on monthly utility costs.
    2. Convenient auto-scheduling so you can "set it and forget it."
    3. Wi-Fi control for remote adjustments. On vacation up north for the weekend? With a smart thermostat, you won't come back to a frigid or stifling hot home.
    4. Real-time energy consumption feedback so you know exactly how much power you're using.
    5. Diagnostics/Monitoring. Monitor your HVAC system and get notified of repairs before they snowball into expensive fixes.

    Customer Testimonial

    Celebrating 85+ years of service in the great state of Michigan

    Polite, professional and obviously quite knowledgeable regarding the enormous task at hand. They replaced our AC, furnace and thermostat. The finished job was definitely done by masters of their craft. At the completion of the job, all systems were reviewed, and all of my questions were answered. I'm very impressed, but I knew I would be after placing that first call to Thornton and Grooms. I cannot recommend this company, Thornton and Grooms, and their highly trained staff enough.

    --Gloria B.

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    We Care Guarantee

    A Guarantee You Won't Find Anywhere Else.

    We promise to provide our customers with 5-star service—no matter what. If you are not satisfied with our level of service at any point, we ask that you inform us so we can make it right before we leave your home.

    Real Guarantees

    We honor these guarantees for when you schedule a smart home thermostat installation:

    • Professionalism

      We are a team of skilled, knowledgeable professionals who undergo regular training to provide top-notch service and solutions at a fair cost.

    • Reputation

      We truly care about providing 5-star service to our customers and our community. With thousands of Google reviews (we reply to each one!), it seems our customers agree.

    • Convenience

      We know customers already have enough to deal with, so we offer friendly and convenient service from the first call to our post-service process.

    Warranties we honor for every smart thermostat installation:

    • 1-5 year parts & labor warranties

      5-year warranty for NEST thermostats installed by us. 3-year warranty for customer-supplied NEST thermostats. 1-year warranty for standard WiFi thermostats.

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