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Furnace installation & replacement in Farmington Hills, MI

Quality Furnace Installations at Fair Prices, Always

Furnace Installation Farmington Hills, MI

Installations that put our customers first with...

  • Qualified rebates filled out for you
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • Simple, fast financing options


Cost of a Furnace Install in Michigan

  • Low: $70
  • Average: $280
  • High: $825
  • Low: $3,000
  • Average: $4,800
  • High: $8,000

Why such a wide price range?

Furnace installations are affected by several price factors, including:

  • Unit size:

    Home size, home layout, insulation and other factors all play a role in determining furnace size. While the upfront investment of larger furnaces is greater than for smaller furnaces, the return for the homeowner is better heating coverage, a longer furnace lifespan, and fewer repairs.
  • Unit efficiency:

    Some furnaces require less energy than others to fully heat a home. The upfront investment of these higher-efficiency furnaces is usually higher. But in return, the homeowner sees lower energy bills, which can eventually pay off that extra investment and then some.
  • Labor costs:

    The hours required to complete an installation factor into the total cost. But more knowledgeable service providers like Thornton & Grooms deliver greater value with every hour of effort. That translates into a better experience, a longer lasting system, fewer repairs and better guarantees.


Your Furnace Install in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Calendar Icon

    1. Schedule your Comfort Assessment

    You have two options when it comes to requesting an in-home Comfort Assessment with Thornton & Grooms. You can call us at (248) 644-7810. Or you can reach out to us online.

  2. Clipboard Icon

    2. Choose your comfort system

    A Replacement Specialist will meet you at your home to discuss different furnace units and share pricing options for each. Your Replacement Specialist will always give you at least three options to review, and we never press you to choose one over the other.

  3. Price Icon

    3. Get special pricing and financing options

    After you've selected a furnace, our Replacement Specialist will review special pricing and rebates which are available for your unit. Before the Replacement Specialist leaves, they'll hand you a fixed price quote for the entire project.

  4. Wrench Icon

    4. Install your new system

    Most of our installations can be scheduled out on the same day or very soon after your Comfort Assessment. On the day of your installation, the team will text you to let you know they're on their way. We'll also process any system rebates you received at the office.

    Our post-installation process includes:

    • Clean all work spaces of debris
    • Share our post-installation checklist
    • Train you on how to care for your new system
  5. Clipboard Icon

    5. Take our brief survey

    Once we leave, we'll send you a text or email with a brief survey. If you had a great experience, we'd love to hear about it! If not, we want to know so we can complete the install to your satisfaction.


Celebrating 80+ years of service in the great state of Michigan

"Extremely thorough describing the various systems available..."

"Jim was extremely thorough describing the various systems available and how they would affect our comfort and temperature variation in our home. The quote was provided immediately and explained well. Jim left notes for the installer to reroute the furnace ventilation to outside, and through the clever work of Jason, our installer, we have about ten square feet of our basement back."

-Edith K.

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Real Guarantees You Won't Find Anywhere Else

We have 14 Real Guarantees here at Thornton & Grooms. And we honor all of them each and every day.

Real Guarantees

Guarantees we honor for every furnace installation:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you aren't satisfied for any reason, we'll work with you until the situation is resolved and you're happy with the results.

  • On-Time Guarantee

    If we don’t show up when we promise – we will pay you $100 for your inconvenience.

  • No Surprises, No Compromises Guarantee

    If we miss something and failed to communicate it prior to our agreement, we'll correct the issue at no additional cost.

Warranties we honor for every furnace installation:

  • 1-year standard labor warranty

    Every furnace installation comes with Thornton & Grooms' 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • 10-year standard parts warranty

    Most furnace installations come with a 10-year parts and labor warranty (subject to the manufacturer's warranty).

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