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Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Improve Your Home's Air

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air can be 2-5x dirtier than the air outside. Modern homes are built to be more energy-efficient, which means they are more airtight than homes built 20+ years ago - often resulting in more air pollutants trapped inside your home.

Luckily, Thornton & Grooms offers several solutions to help you improve your indoor air quality for an affordable price. Our air filters and purifiers are capable of eliminating the big 3 airborne contaminants from your home's air, including particle, biological and gases.

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Our IAQ Solutions:

Air Cleaners

  • Brands: Pristine
  • Starting price: $696
  • Time to install: 0.5 hours
  • Warranties: Lifetime on ballast (the housing)

Air Purifiers

  • Brands: i-Wave
  • Starting price: $900
  • Time to install: 1-4 hours
  • Warranties: 3-year on parts

UV Lights

  • Brands: FM2 (Pristine)
  • Starting price: $700
  • Time to install: 1 hour
  • Warranties: Lifetime on ballast

HEPA Filters

  • Brands: HEPA
  • Starting price: $1,200
  • Time to install: 2-3 hours
  • Warranties: 5 years on parts

What’s the Best Solution for My Needs?

Depending on which contaminants you want to reduce or remove from your home's air, the best air quality solution for you can change. Certain types of air purifiers and filters are better at filtering out certain contaminants based on their micron size. A micron is one-millionth of a meter. We included a reference size chart so you can see just how tiny contaminants can get and how the right air quality solution can still filter them out.

Learn more about the different types of air purifiers and filters and what contaminants they can eliminate with our blog, "How Much Does a Whole‑House Air Purifier Cost in Michigan?"

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