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How to Save Money on Energy Bills in Michigan?

How to Save Money on Energy Bills in Michigan?

From using holiday lights to running your heating system more often, winter in Michigan brings higher energy bills. Nobody wants to spend more money than they have to during an expensive time of year.

We have compiled a list of 5 money-saving tips so you can give yourself the gift of lower energy bills:

  • Maintain your furnace
  • Change your water heater’s thermostat
  • Keep your home’s temperature consistent when you aren’t home
  • Use LED bulbs for holiday lights

In this blog, we’ll discuss how each of the above tips can help you save money this winter.

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Tip #1: Maintain your furnace

When your furnace has been maintained, you can save almost 40% on your energy bills.

If your furnace hasn’t been maintained, normal wear-and-tear can reduce its efficiency. Once furnaces are less efficient, they have to strain to meet your normal heating needs. The more they strain, the more energy they have to consume, increasing your energy bill.

During a furnace maintenance visit, the HVAC technician will clean and lubricate your furnace to restore it to normal efficiency levels and help you save on your bills.

Read more about the benefits of furnace maintenance in our blog, “How Much Does a Furnace Tune‑Up Cost in Michigan?”

Tip #2: Change your water heater’s thermostat

Nothing is quite like a nice, hot shower in the winter so we won’t tell you to skip them in order to save money. Instead, according to Energy.gov, keeping your water heater temperature at 120°F can help you shave hundreds off your energy bills.

Most water heaters are set to 140°F by default. Reducing the set temperature to 120°F feels almost negligible to how hot your showers actually feel and can help you reduce your energy bills by about $400.

Tip #3: Keep your home’s temperature consistent when you aren’t home

Keeping your home’s temperature consistent while you’re at work or on vacation can help reduce your energy bills.

You might be tempted to shut off your thermostat to save money whenever you leave your house. However, doing so can actually increase your energy bills. Large fluctuations in temperature can take your heating system longer to recover to meet your desired temperature, causing your energy bills to increase.

If you own a furnace, we recommend that you reduce your thermostat by 5°F when you leave for work to help save money. It’s a good idea to invest in a smart thermostat if you have a set work schedule. The smart thermostat can automatically reduce your home’s temperature by 5°F when you’ll be at work. When you leave for vacation, we recommend setting your thermostat to at least 60°F.

If you own a boiler system, we recommend keeping as consistent of a temperature as possible when you leave for work or vacation.

Tip #4: Use LED bulbs for holiday lights

Holiday lights can bring seasonal cheer and unexpectedly high energy bills. Switching to LED holiday lights can reduce your energy consumption by 75%, saving you money on your energy bills.

And since LED lights last up 25x longer than incandescent bulbs, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your newfound cost savings and LED holiday lights for years to come.

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