How to Save Money on Winter Energy Bills in Michigan

Save money on your winter energy bills in the Detroit Metro area.

Michigan winters can be costly when temperatures drop below freezing and there's lots of snow on the ground. Add in other seasonal expenses like holiday lights, more time with the lights on to combat early sunset, and more time at home. You then have a recipe for higher-than-average energy bills.

If you want to learn how to save money on winter energy bills in Michigan, we've created a list of tips, including:

  • Getting a heating system tune-up
  • Adjusting your thermostat when away
  • Considering a smart thermostat
  • Using ceiling fans effectively
  • Ensuring your air ducts are sealed

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Get a Heating System Tune-Up

Don’t forget to book your heating system tune-up.

You can save up to 30% on your heating bill with the right combination of maintenance and upgrades.

Even simple maintenance tasks like changing air filters can dramatically impact heating efficiency. A furnace tune-up helps your unit run optimally for as long as possible. While all units gradually lose energy efficiency over time, getting your system cleaned, lubricated, and checked over is a great way to keep it running longer and at a lower cost.

When you work with us for a system tune-up, we'll check your thermostat, test your safety systems, inspect electrical components, and ensure everything is working properly.

Read more about getting your heating systems ready for heavy use and saving on heating, "Preparing Your Furnace for Winter in Michigan" and “Preparing Your Boiler For Winter in Michigan.

Adjust Your Thermostat When You Are Away

Turn down your thermostat when you aren’t home.

You wouldn't turn your heat on and open some of your doors and windows, so you shouldn't run the heat at full blast when your home is empty.

If no one is home, you should turn your thermostat down by at least 10 degrees. If you usually set the temperature to 78, you may even want to turn it down to 68. When people are home and asleep, you can set the temperature to 73. For each degree you lower the thermostat (for at least 8 hours per day), you can save approximately 1% on your annual heating costs!

At 60 degrees, your home is warm enough to avoid the risk of frozen pipes and cool enough to save you money. It's important never to turn your heat off entirely, but making adjustments based on your use is a great way to save.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats help homeowners maximize their savings.

Remembering to adjust temperature settings as you're headed out can be challenging. Programmable thermostats let you set temperature changes for specific times, but they don't adapt to real-time conditions.

A smart thermostat is great if you want to maximize your savings and not manually program it. The thermostat will learn your preferred temperatures as you adjust the settings over time.

Also, if you forget to lower the setting when you leave, a smart thermostat lets you adjust things on the go. You can connect with your thermostat via a mobile app and change the settings to let your house cool down while you're out. Then, when you head home, you can bump up the temperature before you walk in the door so you always enjoy a warm and cozy welcome.

Use Ceiling Fans Effectively

Ceiling fans that spin clockwise can help keep your home warm.

It might not occur to you to turn on your ceiling fans in the winter. After all, don't fans help cool off your space?

Ceiling fans are a great way to improve performance for both air conditioning and heating systems. Hot air rises, so as your furnace blows warm air, it gathers at the ceiling. Turning on the ceiling fan to spin clockwise pushes that warm air down and throughout the room, helping to heat things up faster and more evenly.

Ensure Your Air Ducts Are Sealed

Make sure to seal ducts and keep vents open during winter.

No matter how efficient your heating system is, leaking ducts can be a major problem. Even the most highly-rated heat pumps can lose up to 50% efficiency due to warm air that never makes it out of a vent. Air ducts are often placed in inconspicuous locations with minimal insulation. Sealing your ducts is an inexpensive way to help your furnace last longer.

The harder your furnace works to heat your home, the more it costs and the more rapidly it will wear out. There are several ways to add insulation to your ductwork that can help extend the life of your furnace. Having your ducts professionally sealed is a great way to reduce the cost of heating your home.

It's also important to check your vents and ensure that nothing impedes airflow. Putting furniture in front of a vent may reduce your heat efficiency. Take a few minutes to ensure all your vents are clear and have access to the room they are heating. The Department of Energy has an excellent guide for "Minimizing Energy Losses in Ducts."

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