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HVAC Service Program

Welcome to Thornton & Grooms Academy

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Have you wanted to get into the trades but didn't know where to start? Are you looking for a company dedicated to teamwork, career growth, and is willing to pay you while you train? Are you shaking your head yes? Then we should get to know more about each other.

HVAC Technicians: Earnings and Career Path

Why do HVAC technicians love their job?

  1. They get to help people.

  2. Job stability (Our climate can't go without heat)

  3. They are compensated well.

If you are ready to begin your career in the trades, then we want to hear from you

What Will An HVAC Career Look Like?

Our HVAC technicians work hard for our customers to keep them safe and comfortable. At Thornton & Grooms, technicians work in our maintenance, installation, and service departments. We encourage all our technicians to become NATE certified and unlock the next phase of their HVAC career.

What is Thornton & Grooms Academy?

Thornton & Grooms Academy (TGA) is an educational arm of Thornton & Grooms. The next HVAC school starts July 11, 2022. TGA supplies educational opportunities to all prospective and current employees of Thornton & Grooms in the areas of technical skills, soft skills, leadership training, safety training, wellness, and much more. We are helping our team to grow both professionally and personally.

Our Commitment to Growing the Trades

Thornton & Grooms is a locally owned heating, cooling, and plumbing company. Our purpose is to be ever-building the professionalism, integrity, and honor of the trades. Employees at Thornton & Grooms are supplied with continuous education in technical training, soft skills, and safety training throughout their careers. Thornton & Grooms is also a winner of the Detroit Free Press "Top Workplaces" Award.

*Students enrolled in our HVAC Technician School will be paid an hourly wage. Students will receive 20-weeks of free training. All students will be required to sign a 2-year agreement with Thornton & Grooms.

*All candidates will undergo a selection process so we can narrow our Summer 2022 program. Upon selection, students must pass a drug test, background check, and driving record check to secure enrollment.

Our HVAC Service Technician School Curriculum

We've been building residential HVAC service technicians at Thornton & Grooms since our inception in 1937. Mostly, we've done it the traditional way – having an apprentice ride-a-long and helping a certified HVAC technician and train on the job. Today, we are training HVAC service technicians in a new way.

Our 20-week HVAC Service Technician Program is designed to give students with little to no HVAC experience the tools they need to build a foundation in the trades. The coursework consists of a mix of field, skilled lab, and classroom training. Students will learn the basic principles of servicing and maintaining residential heating, cooling, and air quality equipment. Upon graduation, we will hire technicians into our HVAC Service or Install department, where they will begin their full-time careers.

Students will also get to take advantage of all the other perks of working at Thornton & Grooms. Whether you’re attending a holiday party or all-company meeting, competing in a wellness challenge, or taking Dave Ramsey classes, we provide you with the same experience we give all team members.

Benefits of Our Hybrid Training Approach

As we mentioned above, TGA will consist of a mix of field, skilled lab, and classroom training.

Classroom style training taught by a trained instructor provides:

  • Online, written, and video coursework
  • Technical, soft skills, and safety training
  • Experience with our software programs, maintenance plan, and branding

Technical skills lab training by an HVAC professional gives you:

  • A safe, secure opportunity to get hands-on training
  • Experience working with tools and equipment
  • Repeated opportunities to practice and master

Field training gives you:

  • Opportunities to see and work on all HVAC projects in real-life situations
  • First-hand customer interactions so you can put your soft skills training to work
  • A chance to meet and get to know many of the same men and women you will be working with during your career at Thornton & Grooms

Ready to Enroll?

We are looking for men and women who enjoy working with their hands, aren't afraid of a bit of dirt, and are people-centric. This Academy is a fully paid, entry-level, 20-week program to get professional training in the HVAC trade. After graduation, students will earn a full-time position in our HVAC Service or Install department.

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