Average Cost of a Heat Pump Installation in Michigan

Wondering if a heat pump works for Michigan weather?

A heat pump is an excellent option for your Michigan home because it serves as both a heating and cooling system. Pairing a heat pump with a furnace is called a dual fuel system and can keep your home comfortable year-round.

In the summer months, your heat pump works as an air conditioner. It absorbs heat from inside your home and pushes it outside. In the winter months, it works in reverse by absorbing and moving heat from the exterior air into your home.

A heat pump works best when the temperature is over 30 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature dips below 30 degrees, your furnace can take over and provide heat.

If you’re considering adding a heat pump to your Michigan home, you’ll need to understand the average cost for installation. On average, purchasing and installing a new heat pump will cost between $9,000 and $18,000. Several factors will impact the total cost for your heat pump install, including:

  • The size of the heat pump
  • The energy efficiency
  • The heat pump technology

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Size of the Heat Pump

Heat pumps of different sizes can move more or less air throughout your home. The size is also known as tonnage. Larger heat pumps have higher tonnage, while smaller heat pumps have less tonnage. The bigger the heat pump, the greater its tonnage, and the more air it can move throughout your home.

Professional installers will consider multiple factors to figure out the right-sized heat pump you need for your home. These factors include:

  • The number of windows you have in your home and the direction they face
  • How many people live in your home
  • The amount and quality of your home’s insulation

You’ll want the experts at Thornton & Grooms to determine the right-sized heat pump since the wrong size can cause some issues.

A heat pump that’s too small will constantly be working to heat your home, increasing your energy bills and reducing the lifespan of the heat pump since it’s always running.

On the other hand, If you get a heat pump that’s too large for your home, it will heat your home quickly and then shut off. While this seems ideal, this is known as short-cycling, and it can also increase the cost of your monthly electricity bills and cause your heat pump to burn out faster than average.

Energy Efficiency

The two metrics that rate the heating and cooling energy efficiency of a heat pump are:

  • SEER- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • HSPF- Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

The higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient the heat pump is and the more return on investment you’ll receive.

Manufacturers use SEER ratings to rate the efficiency and consumption of air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC systems. Precisely, they measure how well the heat pump cools per watt of electricity consumed. HSPF ratings measure the opposite- the heat output from the heat pump per watt of electricity used.

Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps can come with a multitude of useful features

Adding comfort and convenience features to your heat pump can impact the overall price for purchase and installation.

You can add these features and operational options to your heat pump:

  • Noise reduction devices to keep your heat pump running quietly.
  • Air purification and filtration systems to clean the air moving from your HVAC system into your home.
  • Single-speed or multi-speed options for the blower motor or compressor

While these additional features may not be for every home, they add a little more comfort and convenience to your home climate control system.

Let the experts at Thornton & Grooms help you choose and install your new heat pump today.

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