5 Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Michigan

Investing in a whole-home humidifier can help keep your home in the EPA-approved ideal humidity range of 30% to 50%, which can result in benefits like:

  1. Reduced structural damage to your home

  2. Reduced damage to your possessions

  3. Decreased energy bills

  4. Alleviated health conditions

  5. Improved skin and hair conditions

Below, we’ll discuss how the above five benefits of using a whole-home humidifier can help you save money and keep your household healthy.

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Benefit #1: Preventing damage to your home

As we mentioned above, whole-home humidifiers can help keep your home’s humidity levels in the ideal 30-50% range, which can prevent structural damage to your home. When your home is in the “safe” humidity range, you can avoid structural problems that can occur when humidity levels are too high or too low.

For example, low humidity levels can split and crack your home’s wooden structures, separate your drywall and/or cause your wallpaper to peel. On the other hand, high humidity levels can encourage mold growth.

The structural problems caused by low or high humidity levels can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000 to remediate in Michigan. Meanwhile, the cost for installing a whole-home humidifier can be anywhere from $700 to $2,500. If you’re concerned about preventing costly home damage, It’s a good idea to invest in a whole-home humidifier.

Benefit #2: Preventing damage to your possessions

When your home’s humidity levels are too low, your wooden furniture or musical instruments can split and crack. Low humidity levels also produce a lot of static electricity, which can possibly ruin your electronics. On the flip side, high humidity levels in your home can encourage pests and dust mites to damage your possessions.

Installing a whole-home humidifier to control your home’s humidity levels can protect your possessions and help you save money by not having to replace possessions.

Benefit #3: Decreasing your energy bills

If you’re looking to save money on your heating bills without spending too much money, we recommend installing a whole-home humidifier.

People tend to feel warmer when there is moisture in the air. So, you can reduce your thermostat while using a humidifier. Reducing your thermostat for even just 8 hours a day can help you save money on your energy bills. In fact, Energy.gov estimates that you can save about 1% on your heating bills for every 1°F reduction on your thermostat in an 8-hour period.

By offsetting thermostat reductions with your humidifier, you can save money on your heating bills and still remain cozy during cold Michigan winters.

Benefit #4: Alleviating health conditions

Installing a whole-home humidifier can help alleviate health issues.

Low humidity can dry out your body, which can cause health issues like:

  • Sore throats

  • Sinus infections

  • Allergy flare-ups

  • Vulnerability to viruses

Beyond aggravating respiratory issues, low humidity drying can also worsen your sleep quality.

If you’ve been having sleep or respiratory issues and no over-the-counter solution seems to help, a humidifier installation could help alleviate your symptoms. By adding more moisture into your home’s air, a whole-home humidifier can help you increase your quality of life.

Benefit #5: Improving your skin and hair

Dry air sucks all the moisture out of the air and your body and can cause:

  • Dry and cracked skin

  • Itchy scalp issues

  • Dandruff problems

  • Brittle hair

  • Chapped lips

While lip balm and conditioner can help, having your home in the ideal humidity zone will greatly help to rehydrate your entire body.

If you’re having skin and hair issues, consider installing a whole-home humidifier to help your body retain moisture.

Extra perk: Humidifiers are easy to operate and maintain

Most humidifiers are easy to operate. You can purchase a “smart” humidifier that will automatically adjust the humidity levels in your home based on the temperature. For example, if your thermostat is set to a low temperature, the humidifier will automatically increase your humidity levels to keep you comfortable.

Once you’ve installed your humidifier and programmed its settings, you can essentially forget about the humidifier and enjoy your comfortable home.

Most humidifier models require very little maintenance. They might, at most, need a water refill once a year. However, if your humidifier is hooked up to your water supply, you won’t even have to worry about a water refill.

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