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Cost of a Humidifier Installation in Michigan

    • Low: $700
    • Average: $1,000
    • High: $2,500

    What cost factors increase the price?

    Several factors affect the price of a humidifer installation, including:

    • Humidifier type:

      Whole-home humidifiers come in different types, including bypass, fan-powered and steam. Steam is the most expensive type of humidifier because they can run independent of a home's HVAC system and cut back on home utilities.
    • Electrical modifications:

      Whole-home humidifiers may require electrical work such as adding a designated outlet. If major electrical modifications are required, the job will cost more.
    • Plumbing modifications:

      Humidifiers rely on water from a home's plumbing to humidify the air. During installation, plumbing modifications may be required to reach the unit, which can increase the cost.


    Your Humidifier Installation in 4 Easy Steps

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      1. Call or schedule online

      Schedule your humidifier installation today by calling us at (248) 644-7810 or scheduling your appointment online. A technician will be assigned to your case as soon as possible.

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      2. Watch for text notifications

      We'll call you the day before your appointment to remind you about the installation. The day of the installation, we'll send text notifications letting you know when to expect your technician.

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      3. Relax while we work on your humidifier

      Humidifiers take about 2 to 6 hours to install depending on electrical and plumbing modifications to the home. Once the humidifier is installed, we'll thoroughly test it to make sure it works.

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      4. Take our brief survey

      After we've left, we'll text you or email you with a brief customer survey. This is the time to let us know what's on your mind, good or bad, so we can learn from the project and confirm you had a great experience.


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    "Robert B. was a great person and A+++ installer. Mindful and excellent installation. Robert did a perfect job updating our furnace with a new humidifier. Thank You, Well Done."

    -Gerald D.

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