What is the cost to repair a sump pump in Michigan?

The cost to repair a sump pump in Michigan ranges from $200 - $3,800 with customers paying an average of $625.

Although it’s a big range, the true cost comes down to some key factors, including:

  1. Type of pump
  2. Difficulty of repair
  3. Labor costs
  4. Warranty

There’s nothing like a flooded basement to help you appreciate a functioning sump pump.

Below, we’ll take a look at what’s involved to help you assess the scale of your repair costs.

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Cost Factor #1: Type of sump pump

Pedestal pumps are cheaper to repair than submersible ones.

If you’re unfamiliar with what kind you have, a plumber can inspect the pump and let you know. But, ultimately, either type will safely pump water out of your basement and into your sewer line.

For cost analysis, here’s a quick overview:

1. Pedestal - Less expensive

Pedestal sump pumps have a simple design, which is why they’re cheaper to install and maintain.

Pedestal pumps sit on the floor of your basement or crawl space with a hose that draws water out of your sump reservoir, which is a basin used to collect excess water. Using a motorized mechanism, the pedestal pump moves the excess water to your main sewer line.


  • Cheaper to install
  • Can last an average of 10 years
  • Easy access for repairs


  • Tend to be noisy
  • Can’t flush physical debris (leaves, mud, dirt, etc.) and clog-prone

2. Submersible - More expensive

Submersible sump pumps are more expensive because they offer more benefits.

As the name suggests, submersible sump pumps are submersed in a basin that collects all of your excess water. Using a more complicated motorized process, they pump water directly from the basin and into your sewer line.


  • Can flush away solid debris (sediment, leaves, etc.)
  • Don’t clog as easily
  • Much quieter because the motor is submerged in water
  • Take up less space
  • Stronger motor


  • More expensive to install and repair
  • Shorter lifespan, around 10-15 years

Cost Factor #2: Difficulty of repair

However, a few conditions could cause your repair to become more costly, including:

  • Age: If your pump is well past its prime, you’re probably going to continue having problems (e.g. flooding, clogged sewer line pipes) that cost more than a replacement.
  • Location: If the location of your sump pump is difficult to access, expect to pay more for your plumber’s time and labor—especially if they have to dig out a new basin.
  • Parts: Certain parts of your sump pump are cheaper to repair than others. For example, switch, float or check valve issues are simple to fix. However, if you have an issue with a motor or any type of electrical damage, expect to pay higher repair costs or even for a full replacement.

Note: To help you prevent damage to your sump pump and avoid costly repairs altogether, we recommend investing in a backup battery. In case of a power outage during a storm—when you need a functional sump pump the most—the backup battery will automatically kick on.

Cost Factor #3: Labor costs

Typically, a more experienced plumber will charge more per hour but the long-term savings of having your sump pump correctly fixed is worth it. Water damage can significantly impact your home, causing problems like toxic mold, foul smells, structural issues and more. Fixing water damage can also cost an exorbitant amount of money.

Get peace of mind knowing your home is set up for success and pay for a licensed plumber to repair your sump pump.

Cost Factor #4: Warranty

If your sump pump is more than a year old, expect to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Because sump pumps last quite some time, they tend to outlive their warranty. You might be able to purchase an extended warranty depending on the sump pump model you purchase.

Speak with a plumbing professional to find the best warranty option for your home and budget

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