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How to know when it’s time to replace my AC in Michigan?

Wondering if it’s time to replace your AC? On average, AC systems last about 10-15 years. AC systems can last longer if they are very well maintained. Still, if your AC is around this age and you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s probably time to consider replacing your system:

  • Your energy bills have increased
  • Your AC isn’t cooling your home properly
  • You’re paying for semi-frequent or expensive repairs

In the blog below, we’ll take a look at each of these issues in more detail, so you can get a better idea of whether you need to replace your AC or if your AC simply needs a repair.

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Sign #1: Your energy bills have increased

If your AC is around 10 years old and you’ve noticed that your energy bills have increased, this is a sign that you probably need to have your AC replaced.

Over time, critical parts of your AC start to break down, causing your AC to work less efficiently, which can increase your energy bills.

While you can consider replacing certain parts, when your AC hits a certain age, several parts start to wear out, making it more cost effective just to replace your entire system.

Sign #2: Your AC isn’t cooling your home properly

If you notice that your AC isn't cooling your home properly, it could be a sign that it’s time to replace your system.

As we mentioned above, as your AC starts to age, key components begin to break down, and your AC may struggle to cool your home.

If you notice that your older AC is constantly running but still struggling to maintain the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat, it’s probably time to replace your system.

Sign #3: You’re paying for semi-frequent or expensive repairs

If your AC is older and you find yourself repairing your AC more than once a year, it’s probably time to replace your system.

We understand that replacing an AC is not something anyone looks forward to doing, but purchasing a new one is generally more cost effective than continuously repairing your current system.

Even if your AC isn’t close to 10 years old, it may still be more cost effective to replace your system rather than pay for the repair if you're facing a costly one. For example, replacing a compressor can be almost as expensive as buying a new system.

Typically, if the part that needs to be repaired costs around 50% (or more) than the cost of a new AC, we recommend replacing your entire system.

However, if your AC is very new (under 5 years old), the needed repair may be covered by either your parts or labor warranty. To check the validity of your labor warranty, reach out to the contractor or company who installed your system. To check if your parts warranty covers a repair, you can usually go to the manufacturer’s site and enter the serial number of your AC.

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