Cost to Maintain a Water Heater in Michigan

Having your water heater maintained by a professional can help it perform at its best throughout its lifespan.

If you’re considering a tune-up for your water heater, you’re probably wondering how much it will run you. The cost for water heater maintenance ranges from $75 to $450+, depending on the following factors:

  • What the plumber checks during the tune-up
  • Whether or not you’re enrolled in a maintenance plan
  • The quality of the plumbing contractor

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of maintaining your water heater and look at each of the above cost factors in more detail.


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What are the benefits of water heater maintenance?

The main benefit of having your water heater serviced annually is that you save money in the long run.

Investing in professional maintenance can help:

  • Extend your system’s lifespan, which reduces the likelihood of having to pay for a replacement water heater.
  • Keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. Most major manufacturers require that you have your water heater professionally maintained at least once a year in order for your warranty to be considered valid.
  • Prevent pricey breakdowns. During maintenance, the plumber can catch minor issues before they snowball into large, expensive repairs or replacements.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of maintaining your water heater, let’s discuss what can impact the cost of your tune-up.

Cost Factor #1: What the plumber checks during the tune-up

Most plumbing contractors have a checklist of water heater parts that should be cleaned and inspected during a maintenance visit. In general, the more extensive the checklist, the more expensive your maintenance visit will be.

At a minimum, the plumbing contractor should perform the following tasks during a water heater tune-up:

  • Flushing the tank water heater to clear out sediment buildup
  • Conducting a full visual inspection for leaks, loose connections or corrosion
  • Testing the safety release valve for proper operation
  • Checking that the anode rod hasn’t corroded
  • Refilling your tank
  • Making sure all electrical components are safely working

Before you hire a plumbing contractor, verify that they will complete the above tasks during a maintenance visit.

Cost Factor #2: Whether or not you’re enrolled in a maintenance plan

Generally, plumbing contractors offer both one-time water heater tune-ups and a maintenance plan membership. Enrolling in a maintenance plan can help you save money on water heater tune-ups.

This is because paying for individual water heater tune-ups adds up over time. Not to mention, being a maintenance plan member can come with other cost benefits.

For example, our Home Care Club members receive:

  • 10% discount on plumbing repairs
  • Discounts on service fees
  • Extended warranties
  • A water heater flush

When you hire a contractor for your water heater tune-up, check that they offer a maintenance plan that covers water heaters.

Cost Factor #3: Quality of the plumbing contractor

Hiring a thorough and reliable plumbing contractor can cost more. However, hiring a good contractor can help you save money down the road.

As we discussed earlier, maintaining your water heater reduces the likelihood of having to pay for repairs, plus it makes your water heater run more efficiently which can reduce your energy bills.

To verify that a plumbing contractor will perform thorough and reliable maintenance work, check for the following:

  • The contractor is licensed in Michigan
  • The contractor discloses their water heater maintenance checklist
  • The contractor has guarantees and warranties backing up their work
  • The contractor has positive customer reviews on Google

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