Benefits & Cost of Drain Camera Inspections

Clogs, cracks, and leaks can strain your household plumbing system, but a drain camera inspection helps quickly diagnose the problem, and it's only around $100. The plumbing camera inspection involves threading a tiny camera through the entire pipe to provide a complete visual of any potential issues. Some of the main reasons to schedule a drain camera inspection include:

  • Precision in diagnosis
  • Time and cost savings
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Accurate location of issues
  • Easier to make informed decisions

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Do you have concerns about your plumbing but aren't sure where the problem might be? A drain and sewer camera inspection can help assess any problems so you can have them fixed before major issues develop. Contact Thornton & Grooms to schedule an appointment today, and rest assured that your plumbing is functioning as expected. We even offer fast and convenient scheduling and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Precision in Diagnosis

With a drain camera inspection, you get a close-up view of the entire pipe from the drain to the local sewer line connection. The technician can spot corrosion, cracks, clogs, and more, making it easy to identify exactly where the problem lies.

Time and Cost Savings

A drain camera inspection saves you time and money because it allows a plumber to find the exact location of potential problems without breaking through walls or digging up the entire pipe. Before camera inspections were available, the only way to identify and locate a leak was to dig a trench to physically access the entire pipe. Restoring the yard to its original condition after the inspection added extra costs to the whole process, and the entire inspection often took days to complete.

A quick assessment using a camera threaded through the length of the pipe can also find minor issues that wouldn't be noticeable otherwise. This lets you complete repairs early and prevents larger, costlier problems down the line. The average plumbing camera inspection cost is far less than a full excavation of your pipes from the ground and the repair costs incurred when a leak damages your home or yard.

Preventive Maintenance

Drain camera inspections aren't only useful when a problem occurs; regular inspections using a camera threaded through the system can be vital for preventative maintenance for your plumbing system. Even if you choose not to fix minor problems immediately, your plumber can suggest ways to mitigate the damage and reduce the chances of further issues.

When you buy a home, consider getting a drain camera inspection before signing the final contract. Camera inspections done as part of a pre-purchase home inspection plan could give you an idea of any unseen issues that need to be fixed before the purchase is complete.

Accurate Location of Issues

Finding the exact location of a clog or leak in your pipes can be complicated. A drain camera inspection simplifies the process to help narrow down any areas that need further inspection or repair.

If you've ever dropped a valuable piece of jewelry or a small memento into a sink or shower drain, you know how hard it is to retrieve your item. A camera inspection can quickly locate it if it is still in the pipe and help your plumber assess the best way to retrieve it.

Easier to Make Informed Decisions

Deciding on plumbing repairs becomes significantly easier with precise knowledge of the problem's location and severity.

Sending a camera through your pipes begins with preparing your drain for access by removing any nearby items that could be damaged by water or might fall into the open drain. As the camera moves through the pipe, the technician can observe everything on a handy screen and record a video of the entire process for later viewing. The entire process only takes about an hour. With an accurate diagnosis of your pipe's condition, you can decide whether to address problems now or implement preventive measures to maintain the condition of the drain until you're ready for a fix

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