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5 Things to Know About Trenchless Services

Illustration of trenchless work for a pipe located underneath tree roots

Learn about five types of trenches and no-dig plumbing services.

Trenchless technology is fast becoming the preferred choice for pipe replacement or repair. This eco-friendly, cost-effective, and less intrusive service provides the same great results as trench services without disrupting your home.

In this article, we'll share the differences between trench and trenchless work and what you should know about 5 types of trenchless service so you can book your next appointment confidently.

  • The difference between trench and trenchless services
  • 5 types of trenchless services

Are You Ready To Learn the Ins and Outs of Trenchless Services From a Professional Plumber?

At Thornton & Grooms, we've been doing what's right to bring comfort to Detroit Metro homes for over 85 years, and our trenchless services are no exception. Your pipes service many areas of your home and must be in good working order to ensure efficiency and a steady flow of waste and water. Our trenchless services will keep your pipes clean, clear, and working properly.

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The Difference Between Trench and Trenchless Services

Couple toasting with friends in their landscaped yard

Trenchless services mean that you can avoid digging up your yard and landscaping.

It might surprise you that the U.S. is home to approximately 1.1 million miles of water supply pipes. While these pipes can last for decades, they degrade over time and must be repaired or replaced. Undertaking this work is a clear and present need, but one that can present some challenges depending on the pipe’s location.

Traditional sewer and pipe repair, known as open trench services, use an open-cut technique designed to access the damaged pipe. This requires your plumber to dig a trench in your yard, usually with heavy digging equipment, to expose the offending pipe. This work can often be disruptive to your yard.

Trenchless sewer repairs, on the other hand, require just two small holes to be dug at either end of the pipe. Using a combination of flexible piping or coatings and special cameras, your plumber will repair the damaged pipe with the least disruption to your property. This technique has been around for about 15 years and is fast becoming the preferred choice, especially among homeowners looking to protect their landscaping and cherished lawn.

5 Types of Trenchless Services

An illustration showing an old, damaged pipe with new lining inside it

Trenchless services are any work at the subsurface requiring no or few continuous trenches. Many plumbers repair or replace underground pipes, sewers, cables, and ducts with trenchless equipment.

Let's take a look at some of the services that we have to offer.


So, you've invested in a beautiful home with a fascinating history. The only problem is that older properties usually rely on cast iron pipes that will begin to fail over time due to their age. The last thing you want is a yard excavation to fix leaks and other issues. That's where trenchless pipe coating services come in.

Coating is a type of pipe repair that can be done from the surface using trenchless techniques. It uses a robust and durable epoxy coating that lines the pipe's insides to restore it to perfect working order. A trenchless coating offers many benefits, from creating a continuous watertight seal to improving flow dynamics. It will extend the lifetime of the cast iron pipes underneath your home.


Like pipe coating, pipe lining installs a composite pipe inside of a faulty pipe. It's an effective and permanent solution that doesn't need excavation. The resulting composite pipe has no vulnerable joints and is immune to root intrusion, improved flow dynamics, and it's watertight.

No matter where your pipes are failing or how many you need to have lined, you can be sure that your new composite pipe lining will endure decades of continued service. If you want to have your pipes repaired to the highest standard with minimal disruption or damage to your yard, lawn, patio, or deck, pipe lining is the sensible choice.

Sectional Liners

Sectional lining, also known as sectional point repair, is the perfect solution for smaller pipe problems that don't need total repairs, replacements, or lining. This technique allows us to use significantly less material and to fix a specific area. For example, if you have a leak in your pipe and we can pinpoint it, we'll repair that area using our sectional repair method. Instead of installing a full-length pipe liner, we'll insert a patch that seals leaks completely into the pipe, producing similar results as lining for less cost.

Hydro Jetting

One of the most common trenchless services is the hydro jetting service, used to blast away blockages deep within your drains and sewers. Plumbers can use this equipment from the surface to target stubborn clogs and other deposits. For example, our hydro jetting equipment cleans away food grease and mineral deposits, leaving your drains clear and clean. We will first your pipes with hydro jetting to ensure coatings or linings adhere effectively.


Just like the pipes of your washing machine, your underground pipes can be susceptible to limescale buildup. Too much buildup affects water flowing efficiently through your pipes and causes blockages. Trenchless descaling restores the flow rate of your pipes. A plumber will use a specially designed machine to get deep into your pipes from the surface to remove any scale that built up over the years.

Why It's Crucial to Find a Qualified Plumber For Trenchless Services

Thornton & Grooms plumber wearing branded shirt and hat next to service van with logo on it

Thornton & Grooms plumbers are ready to provide you with 5-star trenchless services.

If you're worried about the state your pipes or sewers are in, it's always important that you arrange professional trenchless services. Our plumbers at Thornton & Grooms will assess the situation, often going in first with our state-of-the-art drain camera equipment. This allows us to see your pipes' condition and pinpoint any specific problems that require attention. From there, we'll determine which of our trenchless services is the most suitable.

We provide dependable trenchless services with a 100% guarantee. Homeowners in the Detroit Metro area have trusted us for their home services since 1937, and we’ve earned over eight thousand 5-star reviews.

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